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avatar for Abby Livingston (mod.)

Abby Livingston (mod.)

Washington Bureau Chief for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Alana Rocha (mod.)

Alana Rocha (mod.)

Multimedia Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Alex Wagner (mod.)

Alex Wagner (mod.)

Senior Editor at The Atlantic
avatar for Alexa Ura (mod.)

Alexa Ura (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Aman Batheja (mod.)

Aman Batheja (mod.)

Editor & Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Ayan Mittra (mod.)

Ayan Mittra (mod.)

Managing Editor of The Texas Tribune
avatar for Ben Philpott (mod.)

Ben Philpott (mod.)

Senior Editor at KUT-FM
avatar for Brian Rosenthal (mod.)

Brian Rosenthal (mod.)

Austin Bureau Reporter for the Houston Chronicle
avatar for Corrie MacLaggan (mod.)

Corrie MacLaggan (mod.)

News Editor at The Texas Tribune
avatar for Dave Levinthal (mod.)

Dave Levinthal (mod.)

Senior Political Reporter at the Center for Public Integrity
avatar for David Brown (mod.)

David Brown (mod.)

Host and Managing Editor of the Texas Standard
avatar for Edgar Walters (mod.)

Edgar Walters (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Emily Ramshaw (mod.)

Emily Ramshaw (mod.)

Editor-in-Chief of The Texas Tribune
avatar for Erica Grieder (mod.)

Erica Grieder (mod.)

Senior Editor at Texas Monthly
avatar for Evan Smith (mod.)

Evan Smith (mod.)

CEO of The Texas Tribune
avatar for George Haj (mod.)

George Haj (mod.)

Editorial Director of ALM
avatar for Jake Silverstein (mod.)

Jake Silverstein (mod.)

Editor in Chief of The New York Times Magazine
avatar for Jay Root (mod.)

Jay Root (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Jim Henson (mod.)

Jim Henson (mod.)

Director of the Texas Politics Project
avatar for Jim Malewitz (mod.)

Jim Malewitz (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Johnathan Silver (mod.)

Johnathan Silver (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Julián Aguilar (mod.)

Julián Aguilar (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Julie Rovner (mod.)

Julie Rovner (mod.)

Senior Correspondent for Kaiser Health News
avatar for Karina Kling (mod.)

Karina Kling (mod.)

Anchor of Time Warner Cable News’ Capital Tonight
avatar for Kiah Collier (mod.)

Kiah Collier (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Lauren McGaughy (mod.)

Lauren McGaughy (mod.)

Austin Bureau Reporter for The Dallas Morning News
avatar for Lawrence Wright (mod.)

Lawrence Wright (mod.)

Staff Writer at The New Yorker
avatar for Matthew Dowd (mod.)

Matthew Dowd (mod.)

Chief Political Analyst for ABC News
avatar for Matthew Watkins (mod.)

Matthew Watkins (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Maurice Chammah (mod.)

Maurice Chammah (mod.)

Staff Writer at The Marshall Project
avatar for Michael Webber (mod.)

Michael Webber (mod.)

Deputy Director of the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at...
avatar for Mike Wilson (mod.)

Mike Wilson (mod.)

Editor of the Dallas Morning News
avatar for Morgan Smith (mod.)

Morgan Smith (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Neena Satija (mod.)

Neena Satija (mod.)

Investigative Reporter and Producer for The Texas Tribune and Reveal
avatar for Patrick Svitek (mod.)

Patrick Svitek (mod.)

Reporter for The Texas Tribune
avatar for Peggy Fikac (mod.)

Peggy Fikac (mod.)

Austin Bureau Chief for the San Antonio Express-News
avatar for Richard Whitmire (mod.)

Richard Whitmire (mod.)

Author and Contributor to The 74
avatar for Robert Draper (mod.)

Robert Draper (mod.)

Contributing Writer for The New York Times Magazine
avatar for Ross Ramsey (mod.)

Ross Ramsey (mod.)

Executive Editor at The Texas Tribune
avatar for Russell Gold (mod.)

Russell Gold (mod.)

Senior Energy Reporter at The Wall Street Journal
avatar for Shefali Luthra (mod.)

Shefali Luthra (mod.)

Web Reporter at Kaiser Health News
avatar for Stephen Harrigan (mod.)

Stephen Harrigan (mod.)

Author and Screenwriter
avatar for Touré (mod.)

Touré (mod.)

Author and Cultural Critic
avatar for Art Acevedo

Art Acevedo

Chief of the Austin Police Department
avatar for Steve Adler

Steve Adler

Mayor of Austin
avatar for Elsa Alcala

Elsa Alcala

Judge for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
avatar for Carol Alvarado

Carol Alvarado

State Representative
avatar for Rafael Anchia

Rafael Anchia

State Representative
avatar for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Former Professional Cyclist and Cancer Survivor
avatar for Joel Austin

Joel Austin

Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Oncor Electric...
avatar for Jimmie Don Aycock

Jimmie Don Aycock

State Representative
avatar for Donna Bahorich

Donna Bahorich

Chairwoman of the State Board of Education
avatar for Guy Bailey

Guy Bailey

President of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
avatar for Jose L. Bañales

Jose L. Bañales

Chief of the Texas State University Police Department
avatar for Ann Barnes

Ann Barnes

Chief Medical Officer of Legacy Community Health Services
avatar for Martin Baron

Martin Baron

Executive Editor of The Washington Post
avatar for Glenda O. Barron

Glenda O. Barron

President of Temple College
avatar for James Bass

James Bass

Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation
avatar for Diego Bernal

Diego Bernal

State Representative
avatar for Paul Bettencourt

Paul Bettencourt

State Senator
avatar for Yasmin Bhatia

Yasmin Bhatia

CEO of Uplift Education
avatar for César Blanco

César Blanco

State Representative
avatar for Dennis Bonnen

Dennis Bonnen

State Representative
avatar for Dan Branch

Dan Branch

Former State Representative
avatar for Bech Bruun

Bech Bruun

Chairman of the Texas Water Development Board
avatar for Dawn Buckingham

Dawn Buckingham

Republican Candidate for Texas Senate District 24
avatar for Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess

U.S. Representative
avatar for Cindy Burkett

Cindy Burkett

State Representative
avatar for Konni Burton

Konni Burton

State Senator
avatar for Heather Busby

Heather Busby

Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas
avatar for George P. Bush

George P. Bush

Texas Land Commissioner
avatar for Juan Cabrera

Juan Cabrera

Superintendent of the El Paso Independent School District
avatar for Donna Campbell

Donna Campbell

State Senator
avatar for Giovanni Capriglione

Giovanni Capriglione

State Representative
avatar for Richard Carranza

Richard Carranza

Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District
avatar for Mia Carter

Mia Carter

Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of...
avatar for Joaquin Castro

Joaquin Castro

U.S. Representative
avatar for Chris Cillizza

Chris Cillizza

Founder of The Fix and Reporter for The Washington Post
avatar for Garnet Coleman

Garnet Coleman

State Representative
avatar for Nicole Collier

Nicole Collier

State Representative
avatar for Phil Collins

Phil Collins

Musician and Alamo Enthusiast
avatar for Susan Combs

Susan Combs

Former Texas Comptroller
avatar for Emily K. Cook

Emily K. Cook

Political Director of Texas Right to Life
avatar for Kenneth Cooper

Kenneth Cooper

Chairman Emeritus of the Cooper Institute Board of Trustees and...
avatar for Sara Cotner

Sara Cotner

Founder and CEO of Montessori For All
avatar for Ana Marie Cox

Ana Marie Cox

Senior Political Correspondent for MTV News and Founding Editor of...
avatar for Brandon Creighton

Brandon Creighton

State Senator
avatar for Ryan Crocker

Ryan Crocker

Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan
avatar for Paul Cruz

Paul Cruz

Superintendent of the Austin Independent School District
avatar for Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator
avatar for Henry Cuellar

Henry Cuellar

U.S. Representative
avatar for Aimee Boone Cunningham

Aimee Boone Cunningham

Political Donor
avatar for Tom Currah

Tom Currah

Chief Revenue Estimator for the Texas Comptroller
avatar for Tony Dale

Tony Dale

State Representative
avatar for Drew Darby

Drew Darby

State Representative
avatar for Sarah Davis

Sarah Davis

State Representative
avatar for Tom Davis

Tom Davis

Former U.S. Representative
avatar for Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis

2014 Democratic Candidate for Texas Governor and Founder of Deeds Not...
avatar for Doug Deason

Doug Deason

Political Donor
avatar for Ronald DePinho

Ronald DePinho

President of the MD Anderson Cancer Center
avatar for Joe Deshotel

Joe Deshotel

State Representative
avatar for Mark DiBella

Mark DiBella

CEO of YES Prep Public Schools
avatar for Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd

Op-Ed Columnist at The New York Times
avatar for Andy Doyle

Andy Doyle

Episcopal Bishop of Texas
avatar for Anna Dragsbaek

Anna Dragsbaek

President and CEO of The Immunization Project
avatar for Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan

Chancellor of the Texas Tech University System
avatar for Anne Dunkelberg

Anne Dunkelberg

Associate Director for the Center for Public Policy Priorities
avatar for Tim Dunn

Tim Dunn

CEO of CrownQuest Operating and Chairman of Empower Texans
avatar for Beth Van Duyne

Beth Van Duyne

Mayor of Irving
avatar for Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson

Conservative Blogger and Radio Host
avatar for Jo-Carol Fabianke

Jo-Carol Fabianke

Vice Chancellor for Academic Success at the Alamo Colleges
avatar for Jessica Farrar

Jessica Farrar

State Representative
avatar for Mike Feinberg

Mike Feinberg

Co-Founder of the KIPP Foundation
avatar for Gregory Fenves

Gregory Fenves

President of the University of Texas at Austin
avatar for Trey Martinez Fischer

Trey Martinez Fischer

State Representative
avatar for Bill Flores

Bill Flores

U.S. Representative
avatar for Sarah Isgur Flores

Sarah Isgur Flores

Deputy Campaign Manager, Carly for America
avatar for Sylvia Garcia

Sylvia Garcia

State Senator
avatar for Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza

Former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
avatar for Daniel Garza

Daniel Garza

Founder of the Libre Initiative and Libre Institute
avatar for Helen Giddings

Helen Giddings

State Representative
avatar for Paula Gold-Williams

Paula Gold-Williams

President and CEO of CPS Energy
avatar for Larry Gonzales

Larry Gonzales

State Representative
avatar for Mary González

Mary González

State Representative
avatar for Steven Goode

Steven Goode

Professor and Chairman of Campus Carry Working Group at the...
avatar for Gene Green

Gene Green

U.S. Representative
avatar for Carlos González Gutiérrez

Carlos González Gutiérrez

Consul General of Mexico
avatar for Eva Guzman

Eva Guzman

Texas Supreme Court Justice
avatar for Bob Hall

Bob Hall

State Senator
avatar for Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton

Travis County Sheriff
avatar for Richard Hasen

Richard Hasen

Chancellor’s Professor of Law and Political Science at the...
avatar for Katharine Hayhoe

Katharine Hayhoe

Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University
avatar for Nathan Hecht

Nathan Hecht

Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court
avatar for Glenn Hegar

Glenn Hegar

Texas Comptroller
avatar for John Hellerstedt

John Hellerstedt

Commissioner of the Department of State Health Services
avatar for Brenda Hellyer

Brenda Hellyer

Chancellor of San Jacinto College
avatar for Ana Hernandez

Ana Hernandez

State Representative
avatar for Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez

Co-Founder of the Hispanic Republicans of Texas
avatar for John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper

Governor of Colorado
avatar for Chuy Hinojosa

Chuy Hinojosa

State Senator
avatar for Michael Hinojosa

Michael Hinojosa

Superintendent of the Dallas Independent School District
avatar for Donna Howard

Donna Howard

State Representative
avatar for Don Huffines

Don Huffines

State Senator
avatar for Laura Huffman

Laura Huffman

Texas State Director of the Nature Conservancy
avatar for Bryan Hughes

Bryan Hughes

Republican Candidate for Texas Senate District 1
avatar for Todd Hunter

Todd Hunter

State Representative
avatar for Will Hurd

Will Hurd

U.S. Representative
avatar for Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson

Governor of Arkansas
avatar for Kay Bailey Hutchison

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Former U.S. Senator
avatar for Bob Inman

Bob Inman

Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy at the LBJ...
avatar for Jason Isaac

Jason Isaac

State Representative
avatar for Celia Israel

Celia Israel

State Representative
avatar for Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson

2016 Libertarian Candidate for President
avatar for Jason Johnson

Jason Johnson

Chief Strategist, Cruz for President
avatar for Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

Senior Adviser, Perry for President
avatar for Clay Johnston

Clay Johnston

Dean of the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin
avatar for J. Bruce Bugg Jr.

J. Bruce Bugg Jr.

Texas Department of Transportation Commissioner
avatar for Kathryn Kase

Kathryn Kase

Executive Director of the Texas Defender Service
avatar for John Kasich

John Kasich

Governor of Ohio
avatar for Andrew Keller

Andrew Keller

President and CEO of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
avatar for Renu Khator

Renu Khator

Chancellor of the University of Houston System; President of the...
avatar for Philip Kingston

Philip Kingston

Dallas City Council Member
avatar for Stephanie Klick

Stephanie Klick

State Representative
avatar for Linda Koop

Linda Koop

State Representative
avatar for Steve Kornacki

Steve Kornacki

MSNBC Political Correspondent
avatar for Matt Krause

Matt Krause

State Representative
avatar for Bill Kristol

Bill Kristol

Founder and Editor of The Weekly Standard
avatar for Dick Lavine

Dick Lavine

Senior Fiscal Analyst for the Center for Public Policy Priorities
avatar for Jeff Leach

Jeff Leach

State Representative
avatar for Oscar Leeser

Oscar Leeser

Mayor of El Paso
avatar for Marc Levin

Marc Levin

Director of the Center for Effective Justice and Right on Crime at...
avatar for Matt K. Lewis

Matt K. Lewis

Senior Contributor at The Daily Caller and Commentator for CNN
avatar for Elizabeth Lippincott

Elizabeth Lippincott

Executive Director of the Texas Clean Energy Coalition
avatar for Eddie Lucio lll

Eddie Lucio lll

State Representative
avatar for Brandy Marty Marquez

Brandy Marty Marquez

Public Utility Commissioner
avatar for Nelda Martinez

Nelda Martinez

Mayor of Corpus Christi
avatar for Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez

Superintendent of the San Antonio Independent School District
avatar for Brian McCall

Brian McCall

Chancellor of the Texas State University System
avatar for Madeline McClure

Madeline McClure

Founder and CEO of TexProtects
avatar for Susan McDowell

Susan McDowell

Executive Director of LifeWorks
avatar for Jeremy P. McMillen

Jeremy P. McMillen

President of Grayson College
avatar for Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin

2016 Independent Candidate for President
avatar for Cheryl Mele

Cheryl Mele

Chief Operations Officer of ERCOT
avatar for José Menéndez

José Menéndez

State Senator
avatar for Kathy Miller

Kathy Miller

President of the Texas Freedom Network
avatar for Sid Miller

Sid Miller

Texas Agriculture Commissioner
avatar for Ina Minjarez

Ina Minjarez

State Representative
avatar for Joe Moody

Joe Moody

State Representative
avatar for Mike Morath

Mike Morath

Texas Education Commissioner
avatar for Amber Mostyn

Amber Mostyn

Political Donor
avatar for Toby Neugebauer

Toby Neugebauer

Political Donor
avatar for Poncho Nevárez

Poncho Nevárez

State Representative
avatar for Jay Newton-Small

Jay Newton-Small

Washington Correspondent for Time
avatar for Ron Nirenberg

Ron Nirenberg

San Antonio City Council Member
avatar for Joe Nocera

Joe Nocera

Columnist for The New York Times
avatar for Antonia Okafor

Antonia Okafor

Southwest Regional Director of Students for Concealed Carry
avatar for Chris Paddie

Chris Paddie

State Representative
avatar for Raymund Paredes

Raymund Paredes

Texas Higher Education Commissioner
avatar for Annise Parker

Annise Parker

Former Mayor of Houston
avatar for Tan Parker

Tan Parker

State Representative

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